We are currently working on the first issue to be out on early 2014
It will be available for FREE as a PDF downloadable magazine. On paper and for the moment, using a third party print on request service available online.

Our aim is to quickly turn NocturnaLust into a worldwide reference in what concerns good "dark art" taste. An indispensable passage for artists and companies that want to promote themselfs as well as their products. As a free online magazine, our pages will be able to reach thousands of fans with a common goal and passion with a simple mouse click.


Submit samples of your work for appreciation and consideration for featuring on this and future issues.
As guideline here are a few common artistic (dark art) expressions that we are interested in promote in our pages (either done by amateurs or professionals):

those beautiful photos of models, nature, events, buildings, music artists... sometimes darkness lives at your porch, you just need to capture it on camera!

it all starts as a simple pencil scratch and sometimes an abstract vision...



your passion is the same as ours, you just make living out of it. Promotion and reaching the right costumer niche is the key factor for success!

   Digital Art::

the tool of the modern world that can be used for different purposes, situations or manipulations.



blood and ink, what is more sensual that that. The art of permanently embellishing your body!


for thousands of years enriches our souls and dreams with its vicious visual and texture attacks.

art isn't just visually... its only mandatory to be dark!

an industry with so many hidden faces (some completely forgotten)... yet detail is everything.


at late hours a legion of ghouls, vampires and enigmatic forms of humans gather in one space to share a common purpose.


mostly used as simple fashion accessories, there are some that gather a common dark attitude, expression or message!


Only important notices will be sent (i.e. new issues available, promotions, offers)

The below images are merely samples of the sort of DARK ART we are searching to promote worldwide in our publication.

All rights reserved to their legal owners (models, photographers, artists, fashion agencies, music labels, musicians). If you hold the copyright of any of the above photos, let us know and we will include a copyright notice or if you don't want to be feature here, the image will be deleted.