We are currently working on the first issue to be out on early 2014
It will be available for FREE as a PDF downloadable magazine. On paper and for the moment, using a third party print on request service available online.
We are an experienced team on the art of crafting, gathering and transmitting information. Our mission is simple yet passionate... it's based on a common nocturnal force to consume dark art in all its unlimited and mind liberating forms.
What we propose on NocturnaLust is to break the chains of socially imposed limitations and travel deep into the unknown by exploring the minds of artists, companies, places, objects, movements that share the same passion as we.
The result will be a fan-driven free PDF bimonthly publication focussed on giving voice and rich visual space to all those that enrich our lives with their dark, horror, sexy, gothic, sensual, offensive yet artistic expression!

The concept "dark art" is only limited by the size of your wings. Make sure you spread them wide!

Only important notices will be sent (i.e. new issues available, promotions, offers)

The below images are merely samples of the sort of DARK ART we are searching to promote worldwide in our publication.

All rights reserved to their legal owners (models, photographers, artists, fashion agencies, music labels, musicians). If you hold the copyright of any of the above photos, let us know and we will include a copyright notice or if you don't want to be feature here, the image will be deleted.